Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best buying experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

  • I wish to promote my property in your direct from owner section in the website. Is it true that I will not pay commission? Why do I have to sign a Advertising Agreement?
  • I am interested in a buying/letting a property featured on The How do I do this?
  • I am a developer and I have multiple units for sale. How will these feature in your site?
Yes, you will NOT pay 1c in commission to us as long as the property is sold/let directly to the buyer and not through an agency.

Therefore, if someone sees the property advertised on our direct from owner section on The and contacts you directly you owe us nothing.

The agreement is required due to the fact that we shall be publishing basic information about you and your property and we therefore need your written consent to do this. The agreement itself states that it is an advertising agreement and that NO commission will be paid.
Very simple! At the top of the listing you will find the contact details of either the owner, the broker (sensar) or the agency the property has been listed from. All you need to do is to phone or email the person concerned, set an appointment and you’re done!
We can offer you various options to suit your needs.

You can opt to feature a whole block of similar properties as one thus occupying only one slot on the website which comes at 25 Euro per slot if you are listing in the direct from owner section.

You can also list our properties in the Brokers (sensara) section where a 1% commission fee applies. Should you wish to, we will also forward your properties to several real estate agencies with whom we collaborate so as to save you time and help you reach as many agents as possible.